Discover my P3 Protocol for building a stronger personal foundation and learning to get more done in less time so you can spend more time with your family and invest in your health.

I’m an ex pro skier turned cannabis industry entrepreneur turned men’s coach who specializes in health, performance, connection and happiness.

My core philosophy is simple:

The world needs men to step up and lead more than ever right now. The world needs men who are connected to their hearts and understand how to live an integrated, balanced life. These men know that making money isn’t the only thing that’s important. They understand that that is important, but without being healthy and happy and having time to spend with their kids there’s no point.

Before building and selling my digital courses I studied coaching, NLP and lead men’s groups for almost 10 years. I also built my own brand in the cannabis industry, raised almost $200,000 and build the company up to the point of taking it on Dragons Den and being able to partner with one of the large licensed producer groups in Canada. Having all this experience as a coach and also as an entrepreneur I have a unique ability to connect with you and understand the challenges of running a business and taking care of your family and your health

  • A Landmark Graduate and SELP Coach

  • A Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner through Erickson


  • A Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA

  • A Samurai Brotherhood Captain for the past 3 years

  • The Founder of the Young Men’s Mastermind

  • The Host of the Dave Weale Show on Cannabis, Psychedelics, Connection and God

And have a vast experience on both ends of the spectrum of failure and success. I’m an open book and share all my life experiences to benefit my clients, including all of the lessons learned through breaking my neck and having to completely re-evaluate my life direction.

We do so using our signature 3 pillar process and coaching program called the P3 Protocol which helps you create more time for the important things in life!

Results happen fast for our clients because of the transformational coaching, supportive community, and powerful tools you’ll receive to help you along the way!

  • You feel frustrated and tired from working so hard all the time.
  • You know you should be investing more time into taking care of your health, and wish you could spend more time with your family, but you just can’t seem to make the time for everything.
  • You feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities you have, and struggle to stay focussed all day and stay on top of everything, leaving you little time to actually enjoy what you’ve built and connect with your family.
  • You look like you have it all together on the outside, but many of your relationships with family and friends are suffering.

  • You’re a little embarrassed about the physical shape you’re now in.
  • You’d like to feel more connected to your wife.
  • You struggle to eat well and have consistent energy.
  • You know what you should be doing, but just can’t seem to find the time to fit it in.
  • You’ve felt burned out before and have trouble finding
  • You feel stuck
  • So you just keep hustling, thinking once you get that next big win things will calm down and you’ll get things in order.
  • Which looks like ... more work, longer hours, more coffee, less time with your kids, less workouts, more feeling like you’re slowly turning into a grumpy old man.

and nothing seems to be able to get you what you’re hoping for. You built your company so you could have more freedom, but now you feel kind of trapped by it.

  • Together, we build you a strong foundation of personal habits, diet and exercise.
  • You learn more about understanding and expressing your emotions.
  • You wake up every morning feeling rested, inspired and excited to start the day.
  • Your integrity is squeaky clean and you feel in control and on top of everything in your world.
  • You have total control of your time. Your calendar is created by your design.
  • You spend more time getting into flow state and get more done in less time!
  • Your business is working for you, instead of you being a slave to it.
  • You have time to do the things you love and spend quality time connecting with your family.


  • You don’t have to sacrifice your income. In fact, you actually make more!

Discover my P3 Protocol for restoring your personal power, maximizing your performance, and being more present for your family.

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“I think I probably had all the classic failing relationships in my life when I reached out to [Dave]. My relationship with my boy’s mother, my father, my mother, some of my friends. They were all failing. When we started pulling back the layers and dealing with things in a more effective way, I started seeing all of these relationships go back to a point where they were enjoyable again. With my father, my mother, my son, his mom, my siblings, a bunch of my friends. It’s been like a snowball effect of positivity… I really appreciated all the calls and the work!

- Kary


It’s not that Dave gives you a purpose. That’s not the point. It’s about clearing away all the trash that’s been populated by expectation throughout your daily life that other people have handed to you.

Imagine that any time someone says “ oh, you know what you should do, is you should do this!” It’s kinda like them putting a big piece of garbage right in your path. And, what this experience has been like is like taking a giant bulldozer to clear the freakin path so you can see down the road. And I think that that sense of clarity, that sense of knowing is really what it’s all about.

It’s a funny thing, Dave didn’t need to give guidance. When you think about working with coaches, you think, “oh, he’s going to give me the answer” but the truth is it’s about connecting with your own inner answer. Because you have the answers somewhere in there.

You just need someone to clear away the path so it can emerge. And let that emerge so you can feel that sense of revitalization and connect to it again!


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“With Dave’s help I feel better, I’m sleeping more, I’m healthier, and I never have to miss any family events because of work.”


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